Personalised Memory Boxes

Personalised Memory Boxes

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Make Your Own Box

Create a beautiful memory box with this personalised rustic wooden gift box design. Add your photos or text to make a special keepsake, perfect for storing your precious memories or as part of a unique gifting experience.

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Types & Sizing
Product Information

Types & Sizing

We offer a variety of memory box styles and designs to suit a range of occasions, from weddings and new babies to anniversaries and Christmas. You can also create full photo upload memory boxes, which can be used for any occasion, allowing you to upload your own image or design to the front.

Depending on your chosen design, you can edit the text on the top of your memory box to add a name, significant date, or custom message, with some designs also allowing you to add images.

Each memory box measures 10.5 cm (H) x 25.5 cm (W) x 20.5 cm (D), with the personalised insert measuring 6 x 8".

Types & Sizing

Personalised Memory Box FAQ's

What Is a Memory Box?

A memory box is a container that is used to store precious items that hold significant sentimental value or things associated with important memories. These are usually wooden boxes decorated with something that relates to the contents. This could be a photo or quote from a loved one, a picture of you and your partner, a baby scan image, or another design personal to the owner.

What Should I Put in My Memory Box?

Memory boxes are usually used to collect memories on important milestones throughout someone's life, keep sentimental items from a lost loved one, or as a place to store pleasant memories so they can be revisited in the future. This could be photos, jewellery, letters, sentimental tokens, or tickets or recipients from significant events or moments. This makes memory boxes a great gift for occasions such as welcoming a new baby, reminiscing on your memories together at an anniversary, or any other significant milestones or special celebrations.

How Can I Make a Personalised Memory Box?

To create your personalised memory box, select the style you wish to use from our available designs and add your images or text, depending on design. You can upload images directly from your device or through your Facebook or Instagram accounts, then use the online editor to position, crop, and scale your pictures. Once you've finished designing, preview your memory box to make sure you're happy with it, and you're ready to send.

Can I Swap Out the Photo or Design?

Yes! The personalised design is secured in place by four hinges on the inside of the box. If you wish to swap out the design for your own photo, you can slide these hinges to remove the backing and insert your new print. Then replace the backing and secure the hinges and your fresh new design is ready to show off!

What Materials Are the Memory Boxes Made From?

All our memory boxes are made using FSC-certified wood, meaning that the wood we use is sustainably sourced. So, you can enjoy the beautiful look of the wood grain and know that all the wood that goes into your box is sourced sustainably.

Can I Send Personalised Memory Boxes Outside of the UK?

Yes, you can send your custom wooden memory box almost anywhere in the world using a range of delivery options. For delivery outside of the UK to Europe and worldwide, orders are sent via Airmail, which can take 7-10 working days to arrive, so please allow for this extra delivery time when ordering.

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